Weekend Recap & Anniversary

So for our anniversary (8 years), Mike got tickets to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular….and it was amaaaaazing!  The dancing and music was great of course, but I was totally caught off guard by the 3-D stuff.  Has anyone else seen it in recent years?  The show totally exceeded my expectations.  The crowd was mostly families and little kids, but it’s really great entertainment for everyone.

After the show, we did a bit of Christmas shopping and walked around the city…which we never get to do.  We’re both in the city 5 days a week for work, so after a long day, the last thing we both really want to do is be out and about longer than necessary so it was really nice to see the city all decked out for the holidays.

For dinner, Mike made reservations at Scarpetta.  It’s actually only 2 blocks away from my work, but I’ve never been so was super excited.  The food was deeeelicious, all their pastas are homemade and have that great bite to them.  To start we ordered the Mozzarella en Carrozza and Beef short ribs to share,  and for dinner Mike had the Spaghetti and I got the Ravioli’s.   We got a bottle of Red (San Valentino) and dessert to top off our dinner.  The portions were perfect.  Not too much food, but enough so that you’re comfortably full.  Service was impeccable and the restaurant was cozy and romantic.  I would definitely recommend.

Our anniversary was actually last Sunday (Dec 5th), but Mike’s cousin was in town and they got tickets to the Giants game so we celebrated this weekend instead.  I can’t believe I’ve known this boy for 8 years…our relationship has changed and grown so much during this time, and I think it’s pretty safe to say that our relationship has been tested more than most.  I’m not sure if we’ll continue to celebrate our dating anniversary once we’re married, but because we’ve been together for so long, it’d be weird to start the count back at 1, no?  Maybe we’ll celebrate 2 anniversaries every year =)  I wonder how other couples that dated for a lonnng time (5+ years) handle their anniverary?


A Cab a day..

…will save me 10 minutes on my morning commute and is around $8 a pop.  Taking a cab every morning the last couple weeks has definitely been a little luxury I’ve been indulging in as it has been friiiiigid out.  The 10 min it saves me in the morning and the 15 min walk in the cold I would otherwise have to endure is worth 8 bucks, don’t you think?  I know all the New Yorkers out there would agree with me =)

New Blog Beginning

Every December, I always marvel at how quickly each year has gone by and as I get older every year seems to pass by even quicker.  So as the end of 2010 is approaching, I wanted to start a blog to jot down my thoughts throughout the day so that those moments in time worth remembering are remembered.  Or so that I have an outlet on those days where I’ve surfed to the end of the internet and have no other outlet to relieve my boredom.   Either way, this will be a place for my daily musings (although maybe not so daily) and whatever else I feel like posting about.  I’ve had other blogs before but hadn’t touched them in about 2 years.  So since I am in a different place in life at 26: engaged, new job, new apartment I thought it only appropriate to start a brand new blog…from the beginning.

Here’s to my first post.